Ubisoft Will Release Rayman Origins as a Free Uplay Game Next Week

rayman-originsUbisoft releases a free copy of PC game every 30 days to pay tribute to its 30th anniversary. In June, the PC game that they release for free download is Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

In July, they released the original Splinter Cell. On the 17th August, they are going to make Rayman Origins PC game available to download for free on Uplay.

When everything think of Ubisoft, it will automatically remind them that they are the creator of the Rayman game.

Michael Ancel from Rayman develops the Rayman Origins game in 1995. The original 32 bit game was released on Atari Jaguar but now the game is available on various platforms. The game will be yours forever once you have added it onto your Uplay account.

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