Cavernous Wastes Screenshots and Youtube Trailer

Game Overview:
The ship is home. The ship is safe. The ship is the key to escape.

With no memory of where you are and no idea how you got there, you do know one thing: you have to escape. Fly through the maze-like caverns and fight through the automated defense systems while searching for a way out. Every teleporter takes you closer to freedom, but be careful: there are no second chances in the Cavernous Wastes…

Game Features:
– Full six degrees of freedom (6 DOF) movement.
– Immerse yourself completely in the dark, winding tunnels with full PlayStation®VR support (optional).
– Upgrade your ship to unlock new and improved abilities.
– Explore and recover your ship’s memory to find out the truth buried in the caverns.

Teaser Trailer:


CavernousWastes_4_EN  CavernousWastes_2_EN  CavernousWastes_1_EN

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