Disparity Games Miles Behind Funding Goal In Kickstarter Campaign

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Disparity Games Miles Behind Funding Goal In Kickstarter CampaignDisparity Games announced today their Kickstarter has not yet reached the funding target and hence they are embarking on last-ditch effort in selling off somehow.

Disparity is the developers of Ninja Pizza Girl and they are in real need of help in the Kickstarter campaign.

Nicole Stark from the Disparity Games said within nine remaining days more than $10,000 is needed to reach the initial funding goal and bringing the action game to iOS, Wii U, Mac, Linux, PC and only on Android in 2015.

The game meanwhile has received favorable appraisal from likes of Rock Paper Shotgun, Kotaku, Polygon etc.

Sudoku In Space Released On Amazon, App Store, Google Play

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Sudoku In Space Released On Amazon, App Store, Google PlayThe popular game Sudoku has now taken a big leap from paper to space. Napland Games released on Friday Sudoku in Space for the Android, Mac and Windows devices. The game is made available on Apple’s App Store, Google Play and Amazon store.

The newest game Sudoku in Space features fun graphics, bright colors, good sounds and relaxing music. It is equipped with four difficulty levels named as beginner, easy, medium and hard.

The Sudoku in Space has hundreds of unique puzzles with intuitive user interface. It has easy navigation and auto-save feature. Developer claims the game is very inviting.

Offbeat Entertainment Creates Game Around Navigator Song

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Offbeat Entertainment Creates Game Around Navigator SongOffbeat Entertainment and Chemistry Club band have partnered to bring music videos in to a game.

The latest release Chemistry Club: Navigator game from the stable of both was released today on Android, iOS and Facebook. The innovative game takes gamers on a whimsical world journey to score a perfect run.

The game is inspired by the song Navigator and is free-to-play, but with donation to the band many new airships can be unlocked in it.

Offbeat CEO Justin Mette said these days people don’t want to pay for music and the game designed around a song helps in generating revenue for the artist.

Peter Pan Expansion Book For Timeless Gems Released

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Peter Pan Expansion Book For Timeless Gems ReleasedPeter Pan expansion book for Timeless Gems was released today for global players who love enjoying the game on their Apple devices, Android handsets or Facebook. It is made available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

The Timeless Gems game was launched earlier this year in the first quarter on Google Play, Apple’s App Store and Facebook. In April 2004 the video, mobile, and computer games publisher, The Company, launched the first expansion book of the game.

The game has met critical success and so far more than 450,000 downloads have been taken place. It is a Free-To-Play game but the monetized content sales strategy of the game has outperformed industry standard.

Blood Bowl tablet version out tomorrow

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Bloodbowl_tablet_01Blood Bown by Cyanide Studis will be available on iPad and Android Tablets Tomorrow.

In Multiplayer mode create and develop your team online and play against Blood Bowl players from all over the world on the iPad, Android Tablet or even PC.

- Visit the official website

Dragon Slayer Quest Android iOS screenshots

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You are a knight trying to slay dragons to save the princess. Dragon Slayer Quest is an addicting action-packed slashing style game of might and magic. Slash the flying dragons to save the princess as you try and get high score. Try and slice as many dragons as possible without hitting a flying princess. During the battle when you see a spell scroll you touch it to cast the spell.


- Slash 5 different dragons
- Slashing and spell attacks
- Lightning Bolt scroll kills all dragons on the screen
- Freeze scroll freezes all dragons on the screen
- Hourglass scroll slows down the generation of dragons and princesses
- Easy to play hard to master

Clay Hunt Android Screenshots

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Independent games developer ‘Aleksi Rantonen’ is proud to announce the release of an exclusive full-featured ad-sponsored FREE version of ‘Clay Hunt’ to the Google Play™ app store! With more than one million downloads across all digital app stores, this incredibly addictive and highly realistic skeet shooting game continuously receive top-star reviews, and consistently ranks up impressive download numbers and feedback across all versions.

Skeet shooting is a really cool recreational and competitive activity where participants, using shotguns, attempt to break clay disks automatically flung into the air from fixed stations at high speed from a variety of angles. ‘Clay Hunt’ has established itself as the #1 leading version for mobile devices with its realistic gameplay, impressive physics and wealth of options and features. With its five different modes of play, and 3 levels of difficulty (Beginner, Expert & Pro), ‘Clay Hunt’ is packed full of content. There is even a Tutorial Mode and an Arcade challenge with weapon upgrades, power-ups and endless gameplay. Also included are Google+ Leaderboards and a large number of Achievements. Get your copy today!

‘Clay Hunt’ FREE (full version) is available for download from here:

Max Blaster out later this month on Android and iOS

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“Max Blaster”, a quirky space adventure shoot-em-up.
Available on November 26th 2013, for free on iOS and Android

Sydney, Australia – 13 November 2013 – Bondi Beach based game and animation studio PJFX is proud to announce “Max Blaster”, a fast paced, addictive space shooter for mobile devices. Battle through six different worlds while you chase down King Blob and his goons. The only rule is, blast everything! Max Blaster will be available on November 26th, 2013 for free on the iTunes App Store and Google play.

Max Blaster is the work of PJFX, a small games and animation shop based in Bondi Beach Australia. Owner Paul Jewell is a ten year veteran of the visual effects industry and cut his teeth on films such as 10,000 BC and Legend of the Guardians. Now, after almost 2 years in development we’re proud to announce our latest game release, Max Blaster.

•           Game description : Max Blaster is the new tablet arcade game from PJFX.  Battle through six different worlds while you chase down King Blob and his goons. The only rule is, blast everything!

•           Features :

-           Full HD 3D animated graphics
-           Unique dual-touch control scheme
-           Quirky and fun sound effects
-           Six different colorful worlds

-           100% Free, Ad supported. No in app purchase
-           A crazy cast of characters and targets
-           Powerful Laser, Pulser and Missile weapons
-           Power-up! With Shields and bombs
-           Incredible “Streak Boosts”

Robbers Android iOS screenshots

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AMA plead guilty with Robbers, a 2D runner developed by Mando productions. This game will be available for free on Google Play and coming soon on App Store

In Robbers you are a highly skilled thief who has to escape from the museum guards all the while grabbing the biggest booty possible in his run. Avoid numerous obstacles and throw your chasers off your trail to go the longest way. Pick up gems in your run and collect also the master’s paintings.

Robbers enjoy an easy and addictive touch gameplay… even your great grandmother would steal your game to play, jump over obstacles with a simple push on the screen.

Use everyday’s robber accessories: smoke bombs and the essential banana peel. Outshine, Robin Hood himself, the prince of thieves thanks to numerous bonuses. Customize your avatar thanks to the choice of costumes… for him or for her, 14 costumes, your choice.

Who will be the greatest raider on mobile? Accomplish more than 30 challenges and compare your scores on Facebook and Game Center.

Dragon Season out soon on iOS and Android screenshots

November 13, 2013 · Posted in Android, iOS · Comment 

Right Pedal Studios and Ghostbox are excited to announce the release of Dragon Season on iOS and Android.

Blast your way through this innovative new endless runner, featuring a totally unique quest system and a fun, destructive shooting mechanic.

In Dragon Season you play as Nook, a little dragon whose friends have been kidnapped by the meddling King Jellyboo. Complete quests from Nook’s friends to level up and become the awesomest little dragon ever.

Dragon Season features:

Upgradable Destruction ! - Mix and match new fireballs for even more explosions!
Unique Quest System! - Different to anything you’ve played before. Rescue Nook’s buddies and complete their quests to level up and unlock cool new stuff!
Crazy costumes! – Dress Nook up in a bunch of wild costumes and hats, including Astronaut, Ninja and Hombre!
Crazy Competitive !  – Connect to Facebook to compete with your friends on the leaderboard!
Changing Seasons! – Fly through summer, fall, winter and spring with new friends to rescue!

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