Dragon Slayer Quest Android iOS screenshots

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You are a knight trying to slay dragons to save the princess. Dragon Slayer Quest is an addicting action-packed slashing style game of might and magic. Slash the flying dragons to save the princess as you try and get high score. Try and slice as many dragons as possible without hitting a flying princess. During the battle when you see a spell scroll you touch it to cast the spell.


- Slash 5 different dragons
- Slashing and spell attacks
- Lightning Bolt scroll kills all dragons on the screen
- Freeze scroll freezes all dragons on the screen
- Hourglass scroll slows down the generation of dragons and princesses
- Easy to play hard to master

Clay Hunt Android Screenshots

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Independent games developer ‘Aleksi Rantonen’ is proud to announce the release of an exclusive full-featured ad-sponsored FREE version of ‘Clay Hunt’ to the Google Play™ app store! With more than one million downloads across all digital app stores, this incredibly addictive and highly realistic skeet shooting game continuously receive top-star reviews, and consistently ranks up impressive download numbers and feedback across all versions.

Skeet shooting is a really cool recreational and competitive activity where participants, using shotguns, attempt to break clay disks automatically flung into the air from fixed stations at high speed from a variety of angles. ‘Clay Hunt’ has established itself as the #1 leading version for mobile devices with its realistic gameplay, impressive physics and wealth of options and features. With its five different modes of play, and 3 levels of difficulty (Beginner, Expert & Pro), ‘Clay Hunt’ is packed full of content. There is even a Tutorial Mode and an Arcade challenge with weapon upgrades, power-ups and endless gameplay. Also included are Google+ Leaderboards and a large number of Achievements. Get your copy today!

‘Clay Hunt’ FREE (full version) is available for download from here:

Max Blaster out later this month on Android and iOS

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“Max Blaster”, a quirky space adventure shoot-em-up.
Available on November 26th 2013, for free on iOS and Android

Sydney, Australia – 13 November 2013 – Bondi Beach based game and animation studio PJFX is proud to announce “Max Blaster”, a fast paced, addictive space shooter for mobile devices. Battle through six different worlds while you chase down King Blob and his goons. The only rule is, blast everything! Max Blaster will be available on November 26th, 2013 for free on the iTunes App Store and Google play.

Max Blaster is the work of PJFX, a small games and animation shop based in Bondi Beach Australia. Owner Paul Jewell is a ten year veteran of the visual effects industry and cut his teeth on films such as 10,000 BC and Legend of the Guardians. Now, after almost 2 years in development we’re proud to announce our latest game release, Max Blaster.

•           Game description : Max Blaster is the new tablet arcade game from PJFX.  Battle through six different worlds while you chase down King Blob and his goons. The only rule is, blast everything!

•           Features :

-           Full HD 3D animated graphics
-           Unique dual-touch control scheme
-           Quirky and fun sound effects
-           Six different colorful worlds

-           100% Free, Ad supported. No in app purchase
-           A crazy cast of characters and targets
-           Powerful Laser, Pulser and Missile weapons
-           Power-up! With Shields and bombs
-           Incredible “Streak Boosts”

Robbers Android iOS screenshots

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AMA plead guilty with Robbers, a 2D runner developed by Mando productions. This game will be available for free on Google Play and coming soon on App Store

In Robbers you are a highly skilled thief who has to escape from the museum guards all the while grabbing the biggest booty possible in his run. Avoid numerous obstacles and throw your chasers off your trail to go the longest way. Pick up gems in your run and collect also the master’s paintings.

Robbers enjoy an easy and addictive touch gameplay… even your great grandmother would steal your game to play, jump over obstacles with a simple push on the screen.

Use everyday’s robber accessories: smoke bombs and the essential banana peel. Outshine, Robin Hood himself, the prince of thieves thanks to numerous bonuses. Customize your avatar thanks to the choice of costumes… for him or for her, 14 costumes, your choice.

Who will be the greatest raider on mobile? Accomplish more than 30 challenges and compare your scores on Facebook and Game Center.

Dragon Season out soon on iOS and Android screenshots

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Right Pedal Studios and Ghostbox are excited to announce the release of Dragon Season on iOS and Android.

Blast your way through this innovative new endless runner, featuring a totally unique quest system and a fun, destructive shooting mechanic.

In Dragon Season you play as Nook, a little dragon whose friends have been kidnapped by the meddling King Jellyboo. Complete quests from Nook’s friends to level up and become the awesomest little dragon ever.

Dragon Season features:

Upgradable Destruction ! - Mix and match new fireballs for even more explosions!
Unique Quest System! - Different to anything you’ve played before. Rescue Nook’s buddies and complete their quests to level up and unlock cool new stuff!
Crazy costumes! – Dress Nook up in a bunch of wild costumes and hats, including Astronaut, Ninja and Hombre!
Crazy Competitive !  – Connect to Facebook to compete with your friends on the leaderboard!
Changing Seasons! – Fly through summer, fall, winter and spring with new friends to rescue!

Solar Flux HD Android iOS PC screenshot and details

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Solar Flux, the video game which allows players to save the universe – one dying sun at a time – today launched on Steam, the world’s largest digital distribution platform for PC games.

Solar Flux combines the epic scale and timeless style of SciFi and space opera classics such as 2001, Sunshine, Moon and Gravity, with intuitive inertia controls, creating one of the most unique and playable games of recent years.

Now the game is available to 54,000,000 Steam users, putting Solar Flux in front of the most demanding and discerning games audience in the world.

Created by game experts Firebrand Games, Solar Flux challenges players to reignite dying suns and save entire solar systems. Players will have to recognize and master the properties of planetology, cosmology, astrophysics and space itself.

Players must use gravitational fields to slingshot their ship around planets, avoid solar flares, protect themselves from the intense heat of each sun using planetary shadows. As well as the sun itself, other dangers await the astronauts, including asteroids, black holes and drifting, beyond rescue, in space if fuel is not carefully conserved.
Solar Flux HD (An iOS PC)Mark Greenshields, the Managing Director of Firebrand Games, said, “Solar Flux is the perfect PC game. It combines the best elements of strategy, puzzle games and classic arcade titles such as Lander and Asteroids. It’s entirely different to the alien infested, war torn experiences of the last several years. Our team has taken a different approach and designed a game which we firmly believe PC gamers will understand and love.”

“Steam is one of the most exciting gaming platforms in the world today. It’s revitalized the PC games market. It has supported and helped indie game developers hit the mass market and it’s where the most dedicated gamers can be found. It’s the perfect home for Solar Flux and we’re thrilled to have the game available to such a huge global audience.”

Solar Flux is available now on Steam, costing $9.99 but is discounted 20% for the first week.

Crazy Tribes Halloween edition free for limited time only

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Xyrality haunts the App Store just in time for the scariest part of the year again. Just like last year, the Hamburg developer offers horror fans a Halloween edition of the popular post-apocalyptic MMO “Crazy Tribes”. The units in “Scary Tribes” have respectively turned into zombies, skeletons and monsters, while the bases have been invaded by giant spiders and bats. Those of you who want to experience the wasteland transformed into a ghost land can download “Scary Tribes” now. The app is free to play and available for a limited time only.

By the way: If you download “Scary Tribes”, you can simply log in with your existing “Crazy Tribes” account to continue competing and cooperating with all of the Crazy Tribes players in the same game worlds.

The Halloween edition “Scary Tribes” is available for free via iTunes and Google Play:
iTunes:  https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/scary-tribes/id567726282?mt=8
Google Play:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xyrality.scarytribes.googleplay

Monster 500 Android iOS video

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Monster 500 (An iOS)Creata is proud to announce that it will publish the recently announced mobile game, Monster 500, a kart-style racing game powered by Unreal Engine 3, now available on iOS and Android mobile devices. Developed in collaboration with Black Wing Foundation and Turn Me Up Games, Monster 500 is a direct tie-in to the toys and playsets sold exclusively at Toys“R”Us® stores nationwide and online at Toysrus.com/Monster500. Players can enter codes found on trading cards in each Monster 500 product to unlock a mystery “Blind-Box” containing new vehicles or other bonuses in the game. Players can collect ‘em all and mash their way through all six Monster worlds and 24 twisted tracks in pursuit of the Monster 500 Cup, or even battle their friends in multiplayer mayhem.

Official Gameplay Reel

“It’s always amazing to see how ideas can spring to life from a concept, to a toy, to a video game,” commented Suzy Smucker, Brand Manager of Monster 500 at Creata®. “We have a wide array of different activities planned for the upcoming months, engaging audiences with Monster 500 through the toys, playsets, trading cards and tons of other merchandise. We plan to expand and promote this franchise beyond what’s currently on the market and will be promoting the assortment through print, TV and the Internet. We’re also encouraging everybody to follow Monster 500 on Facebook and Twitter to get updates on upcoming giveaways, contests and other promotional events.”

“I can’t say enough about the degree of innovation and creativity that stemmed from our collaboration with Creata on the development of the Monster 500™ mobile game,” commented Aleksey Savchenko, Executive Producer of Black Wing Foundation. “Creata pushed the project every step of the way to a quality level not normally seen in mobile games and couldn’t have been possible without the creative collaboration of Creata, Black Wing Foundation, Turn Me Up Games, Indie Games Service and Toys“R”Us. We really hope that this is just the beginning of something much bigger.”

Monster 500 is free to download and is available on both the App Store and Google Play. This app is also available in the App Store on tabeo e2 from Toys“R”Us, the next generation of the popular tablet for kids introduced during the 2012 holiday season.

Paper Train Reloaded over 300 levels some screenshots

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isTom Games is glad to announce the release of its much awaited train dispatcher series’ newest entry. Paper Train Reloaded offers everything wherefore its fans loved the original game, and much more. Animated hand-drawn graphics, simplified user interface, beautiful unlockable artworks, new reward system and extremely high number of levels ensures the players long-term fun. Paper Train Reloaded offers diverse challenges and constantly changing level design to please novice and seasoned players also.

„We’ve double-checked all the levels to make sure they provide challenge and fun at the same time. I hope players will be delighted simply by seeing how much love and care we’ve put into Paper Train Reloaded.” – said Istvan Galos, isTom Games’ head.

- 300 challenging levels
- Fully animated hand-drawn graphics
- Incredibly simple controls
- Revamped visuals
- New reward system
- Progressive difficulty

Paper Train Reloaded is now available to play for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire users.

The new installment is accessible in two versions on the Apple and the Amazon App Store:
- The full version offers 300 levels without ads for $0.99 limited time introductory price
- The lite version offers 10 levels for FREE with ads

Bubble Blaze Special Halloween level on iOS and Android

October 24, 2013 · Posted in Android, iOS · Comment 

Get ready for some freakish fun as a special Halloween Haunted House has appeared in Bubble Blaze, bringing with it 10 spooky new challenges!

Journey with Blaze the dragon on a quest to rescue the stolen dragon eggs and his dragon pup pals through this spooky new setting. Beware of ghostly goings-on, Halloween hauntings and the all new treacherous Boo Blocker ghosts!!

Ghostly castles, foggy nights and pumpkins a-plenty; Haunted Hill will put your bubble popping skills to the test. Pop, tilt and tap your way past the new Boo Blocker ghosts who shift and move as you play, and challenge your friends in the Haunted Hill leader boards.

Prepare for an eerie, exciting encounter in these frighteningly addictive new puzzles!

Bubble Blaze is now available FREE for iOS and Android

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