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Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z new information and batch of screenshots and artwork

Team Ninja has released new gameplay information for Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z which shows off an all new area, elemental based combat and the introduction of new zombie types. New artwork and screenshots have also been released by Team Ninja. Check them out below.

Factsheet: “This latest batch of YAIBA: NINJA GAIDEN Z assets find Yaiba deep in the bowels of a sewage plant, confronted by waves of zombies that attack with bile, electricity and fire. Ever the cunning the ninja, Yaiba adapts to his new zombie adversaries by ripping out the Blister Sister’s bile filled guts to harvest her toxic bagpipe, allowing him to spew the deadly bile himself, at his dastardly discretion. Even though the Zombie Bride’s shocking attack can short circuit Yaiba’s cyborg arm, she isn’t safe from Yaiba’s carnage as he turns her spine into an electrical whip, zapping flame zombies to create a powerful magnetic storm. From there, the real fun ensues. Yaiba’s flail is a weapon of wicked design, and it seeks the taste of zombie flesh. Armies of the undead can feel the flail’s cold kiss in one attack, but it rarely runs solo with combos of cyborg rocket punches or a bit of sword play not far behind.

There are mysteries abound in this new area. A hideous beast snarls from behind a sewer grate. A recording from the past is discovered that only Yaiba can view with his cyborg eye. The extremely toxic atmosphere makes Yaiba question if the sewage plant is the source of the zombie outbreak. That’s not the only question Yaiba is left with… As he comes across zombies slain with the blade of a Ninja Sword, is he finally on the tail of his arch nemesis, Ryu Hayabusa?”

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