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Raven’s Cry RPG out May 7th


Today Reality Pump and Top Ware Interactive AG have announced that the RPG adventure game Raven’s Cry will be released on 7th May 2014.

Some screenshots were released not long ago. Check them out below.


“Raven’s Cry” offers various RPG elements, so there will be a complex game skill system and modifications for all the ships in the game, which can be designed to influence the reputation of the individual sailor with the groups and enemies in the Caribbean. Christopher himself will continue to evolve in the course of the story, unlocking new abilities and weapons. His characteristic hook – as seen in the images – plays a vital role, especially in brutal close combat. Regardless of where Christopher’s path leads him to obtain information or money, he will never become a shimmering hero who coincidentally saves the world. For him there’s only one way out of his suffering and that is death … either his own life or the lives of his enemies. The people around him are either for or against him.

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