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Box2Glory the Football Manager of Boxing

Box2Glory allows you to train and fight as a real boxer and manage all aspects of the boxers career. From having verbal fights against your opponent pre-match to fighting using Artificial Intelligence. This game has been over 3 years in the making by an addict of the PC game Football Manager who looked around for a Boxing Manager game but couldnt find one, so decided to create it himself!

Here is the fact sheet from the developer:
“All boxers are driven by AI. You are responsible at getting them a good fight with a match up that they can win and also give them a fight plan.  They might follow a fight plan, but they all have personalities that might have them deviate from it.  And Box2Glory has the most in-depth strategy choices that exist in any boxing/mma simulation. If you want to fine tune minute details of strategy you will not be disappointed.

There are different types of personalities that boxers have. Some you want to be forceful with, some you want to be gentle with. So you want to reason with while others just want you to ignore.  You issue press releases before fights they have affect on moral their opponents. But if you say the wrong thing it may backfire on you.  Boxers make friends and enemies among themselves and managers. All this has an effect on the game.  Boxers with high ambition will get upset if you don’t move them up the ranks faster, boxers with high flare will taunt their opponents, boxers with aggressive personality will forget about your instructions in a heat of the battle.

The game is turn based with a new turn every day.  Thus there is no advantage to managers that have more time on their hands.  If you have 10 minutes a day you will do fine. Boxers will age and retire, some become trainers, refs, scouts. The game is played continuously as times goes by as each day in RL is a week in a game.

And while you keep on winning fight, have a close eye on your finances. Can you really afford this 4 star trainer from America right now, or that superstar scout?  Should I trade my star boxer for some needed cash?  And once you become really big you can open your very own boxing academy and create your very own boxers.”

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