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Strike Force Heroes: Extraction strikes the App Store today

Not Doppler today announced the launch of Strike Force Heroes: Extraction which has now been made available on the App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini. The game has been developed by Sky9 Games and is published by Not Doppler. It is a Spin off from the hit flash game series Strike Force Heroes which has been played over 100 million times.

IN Strike Force Heroes: Extraction players must infiltrate the headquarters of a rogue military organisation in order to stop a global threat. When the enemy catches on to your plan, you’re only option is to escape – by running, jumping and shooting your way through each level.

Key Features:

– Run, jump and shoot your way through 30 action-packed stages in Campaign Mode
– Unique ‘cover’ mechanic which allows players to swipe-down to duck behind objects and to pick off the enemy one-by-one.
– 20 playable characters, each with unique flaws and unlockable perks; allowing for different game-play challenges and experiences depending on who you choose to play with.
– Intense helicopter chases which will give you no choice but to run for your life!
– 33 Weapons. 2 unlockable endless modes. Epic enemy firefights and tons of upgrades

Available Now
Strike Force Heroes: Extraction will is now available for iPhone and iPod touch, with a HD version available for iPad and iPad mini.

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