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Combat Arms and Atlantica lots of bonus items

Shadow CompanyNEXON Europe is providing its users with a Bonus Item event for its popular online multiplayer first-person shooter, Combat Arms and MMORPG, Atlantica. The giveaway event takes place in the heart of the Combat Season, allowing users to receive rare bonuses.

For Combat Arms, players will be able to enhance their equipment and weaponry with Black HiSec Keys which worth 10,000 NX, when purchasing Nexon Cash (NX) with Boku, MoPay, Pay2Go, paysafecard and Nexon Epin between Wednesday 13th November and Tuesday 19th November. Bonuses will be available for Atlantica with dynamic cash items, when Nexon Cash (NX) is purchased through paysafecard between 13th November and 19th November 2013.

“Giving back to our community is something we feel strongly about,” said Minkyu Kim, Game Operation Manager at NEXON Europe. “With these excellent rewards, exploring the world of Combat Arms and Atlantica will be all the more epic and we’re happy to offer players the chance to go bigger and better in their gameplay.”

With more offers on the horizon, there has never been a better time to get involved with the action and grab your weapons to jump into the action of Combat Arms, or join the residents of the alluring and mysterious world of Atlantica.

The following Black HiSec keys for Combat Arms are up for grabs:

·         Purchase 3,500  NX, get 1 bonus Black HiSec Key
·         Purchase 7,500 NX, get 2 bonus Black HiSec Keys
·         Purchase 12,250 NX, get 3 bonus Black HiSec Keys
·         Purchase 17,500 NX, get 4 bonus Black HiSec Keys
·         Purchase 24,500 NX, get 5 bonus Black HiSec Keys
·         Purchase 35,000 NX, get 10 bonus Black HiSec Keys

The special offer for Atlantica runs as follows;

·         Purchase 10,000 NX, get a bonus Tiger Lord Summon License
·         Purchase 30,000 NX, get bonus Golden Lea Wings
·         Purchase 50,000 NX, get a bonus Komodo.

For more information and to register and play Combat Arms, please visit the official game website at and the official Facebook page at

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