Madagascar – ds

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Title: Madagascar
Category: ds

US Release Date: 20050624
UK Release Date: 2005-06-24
JP Release Date:
Developer: Activision, Inc.
Publisher: Activision European Publishing
ESRB: Everyone
Genre: Action

Based on the highly anticipated animated feature film from DreamWorks Animation, MadagascarTM is the only game that lets players enter the world of four hilarious Central Park Zoo animals—a personality-packed crew made up of a lion, zebra, giraffe and hippo. Players must master each animal’s natural skills while adventuring through the exciting city of New York and the dangerous island of Madagascar, interacting with other animals and tackling obstacles and enemies in scenarios from the movie and beyond.


  • The Only Game that Lets Players Relive the Film and Beyond — Fighting for survival has never been this much fun. Players control one of four main characters from the movie – Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Gloria the hippo and Melman the giraffe as they overcome obstacles, interact with film and game-exclusive characters, and face off against enemies.
  • Get Your Groove on as You Go — Players develop new skills as they take the role of each zoo animal, helping Alex maximize the power of his claws, roar and double-jump; pumping up Marty’s jump, back kick and stealth crawl; learning Gloria’s butt smash and swimming move; and perfecting Melman’s double-sneeze jump and hilarious head-in-the-sand hiding maneuver.
  • Rock the city and rule the jungle — Players test their animal abilities as they explore a variety of diverse environments in mini-games and 14 action-packed chapters, including "Marty’s Escape" from the Central Park Zoo, "Operation Ship Sneak" on board a giant cargo ship, and "Lemur Rave" with the exotic animals in the jungles of Madagascar.
  • The Fun is Never Done — Players can improve their performance as they replay chapters and try to beat their best time. The Nintendo DS game also includes platform-exclusive wireless multiplayer mini-games.
  • Touch and Play – Players can use the Nintendo DS touch screen to switch characters in the middle of levels and to play wild mini-games exclusive to the DS version, including "Gloria Rolling" and "Penguin Fishing," where players must help a penguin stay afloat on an iceberg as he catches fish.

Another Code: Two Memories – ds

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Title: Another Code: Two Memories
Category: ds

US Release Date: 20050624
UK Release Date: 2005-06-24
JP Release Date:
Developer: Nintendo of America Inc
Publisher: Nintendo UK
ESRB: Everyone
Genre: Adventure

Ten years ago, while researching human memory for a secret government lab, Ashley’s parents disappeared suddenly. Now, a single clue leads her to the mysterious Blood Edward Island to piece together the traces of her past.

  • Twists and turns await around every corner. It’s up to players to figure out the truth from the clues on the island. Trace Memory’s rich story will appeal to young and older audiences alike.
  • As players move around the 3-D map, the touch screen displays a breathtaking birds-eye view of the action, while the top screen shows a first-person view of scenes and conversations.
  • To advance in the game, players must to solve innovative puzzles that take advantage of the DS’s unique features: touch screen, dual screens, mic and stereo sound.

Game Storyline: While researching human memory for the government’s secret lab, scientists Richard and Sayoko Robbins suddenly disappear and are presumed dead. Ten years later, their daughter, Ashley, receives a letter from Richard, telling her that he is still alive and sequestered in a lab on Blood Edward Island. Ashley traces the letter to the island to find the truth behind her parents’ mysterious disappearance. Once there, she discovers that her parents had been working on a memory-generating computer called Trace, but the connection between Trace and their disappearance remains unclear.

While searching for Richard, Ashley befriends a ghost named D, who is looking for answers of his own. Having lost all his memories and any recollection of his death, D is destined to remain in limbo and wander the island until he recovers them. Together, they set off to find the truth of their pasts.

Characters: Ashley, D and a host of characters from the past and present

How to progress through the game: Players explore the island, talk to different characters and solve puzzles to advance the story. The game world is intricate, and players will find clues and information in the most unexpected places.

Special powers/weapons/moves/features: Trace Memory takes full advantage of the DS’s dual screens to guide players through Blood Edward Island. The game play takes place on the touch screen, where players get an aerial view of the game world. Meanwhile, the top screen shows a first-person view of scenes and conversations. Players can tap on any area on the touch screen to get a closer look.

Coded Arms – psp

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Title: Coded Arms
Category: psp

US Release Date: 20050607
UK Release Date:
JP Release Date:
Developer: Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc
Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc
ESRB: Teen
Genre: Shooter

One of the most highly anticipated titles for the PSP portable, Coded ArmsTM is a visually stunning first-person shooter that places the gamer in the role of a computer hacker who infiltrates an abandoned virtual reality system. Originally created as a combat training simulator to prepare for an alien invasion, the VR system was shut down during development after a major flaw was discovered. Unbeknownst to its creators, the simulation program continued to evolve on its own, turning into a vast and brutal VR world populated with virtual alien invaders, dangerous computer bugs and the VR system

Ridge Racer DS – ds

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Title: Ridge Racer DS
Category: ds

US Release Date: 20050603
UK Release Date: 2005-06-03
JP Release Date:
Developer: Nintendo UK
Publisher: Nintendo of America Inc
ESRB: Everyone
Genre: Racer

Experience the race of your life as Ridge RacerTM comes to Nintendo DS with all the fast-paced action of the original arcade legend. With the unprecedented control and responsiveness of Touch Screen steering, as well as the wireless multiplayer mode for 6 player competitions, Ridge RacerTM is set to be the must-have driving game for Nintendo DS when it launches on 3rd June 2005.

Compete in the Grand Prix mode against 11 computer-controlled cars to unlock all 20 circuits and the Car Attack mode, where you go head-to-head against an opponent in order to win new cars. Ridge RacerTM also offers a Quick Play mode for instant racing and a Time Attack mode.

There are 32 playable cars in total, all featuring the Ridge RacerTM series’ trademark drift handling. Each car has its own unique statistics (speed, acceleration, handling and grip), so players can pick the car best suited to their driving style. Most models are unlocked by competing in Car Attack mode, but certain secret vehicles can only be obtained by competing in wireless multiplayer with friends. Look out for the exclusive Nintendo and Namco character-themed cars!

The wireless multiplayer mode allows for the ultimate racing challenge. Up to 6 players can join together to compete in Multi-Card Play, with access to all cars and circuits. In Single-Card Play you only need 1 copy of the game to enjoy multiplayer fun with all of your friends.